About Us

Brentwood Pharmacy has been busy serving our community for over 60 years. We're a family business that is passionate about helping our locals. The pharmacy has only be owned by 4 people- the original owner, Syl Lane, Winston Marsh, Kevin McAnuff, and now Michelle McAnuff. Michelle is a born and bred local and even went to school across the road from the pharmacy. 

We are proud to be locally owned and operated. Decisions are made in-store, not at a head office. 

Please pop in and see us to friendly advice and professional service. We'd love to see you!

Pharmacy Trivia 

  • Brentwood Pharmacy opened in 1957.

  • The original owner, Syl Lane, used to close for an extended lunch break while the soap operas were on TV and head to the beach. 

  • We have 5 pharmacists on staff who are all accredited to give vaccinations.

  • We are accredited under the Quality Care Pharmacy Program which uses the Quality Care Pharmacy Standard AS 85000:2011

  • Between all our current staff we have 18 children and 7 grandchildren.

  • Our staff are studying Pharmacy, Medicine, Exercise, Sport & Rehabilitation Science, Marine Science and Chemistry. 

  • We have a WA Samba drummer on staff, a past Sailing National and World Champion and some everyday, lovely people